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Group Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is the coolest birthday party idea

What do I do?
Decipher clues to discover the next point in the course - solve the puzzle to find the buried treasure! all this while sailing on Sydney Harbour.
3 hours - morning or afternoon session

All year round!

National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour
You'll be aboard one of our latest Yachts with one of our friendly skipper
Who can go?
It suits people from all ages!

If kids party, we need 1 adult for 5 children

Ideas for Treasure: gold chocolate coins, fake jewellery, pirate accessories. The "treasure"is not provided.
Drinks order and Gourmet Catering available or BYO.
$130 per person (Minimum 15 people)


We first make teams, then after a short briefing we go sailing to start the treasure hunt. You will  have to decipher clues to work out where the skipper should sail next. Once your team have worked out all the clues, you then have to solve a puzzle to find a treasure map in order to then find the treasure.

What we can do for you

- We can tailor a treasure hunt to help make sure you have an unforgettable day.

- We can organise a themed  treasure hunts, where kids and adults dress up under a theme, pirates, for example.

- We can run parties for kids 12-18, and could do easier, shorter versions for younger children.

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