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Valentines Day - Treat the one you LOVE

Antique Valentine 1909 01That day you celebrate romance....roses, candy, cupid...... SAILING!

Valetines Day's origins is a bit muddled, no one has really been able to pinpoint the exact origin, though a good start is ancient Rome due to the fact that they celebrated the feast of Lupercalia between the 13th - 15th February. In short, goats and dogs were sacrificed and women were whipped with their hides.
These Roman 'romantics' were drunk and naked with young women lining up to be whipped as they believed it would make them fertile! This brutal feast involved a lottery in which men would draw young womens names from a jar, coupling them up for the entire time and longer if it was a 'good match'...

Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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Sydney Harbour - UNESCO's Memory of the World registry

holtermann nuggett We all love Sydney Harbour in its modern form, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera HouseOpera House, Darling Harbour....

But have you ever wondered what it was like back in the day?

Well in 1875, mining magnate Bernhardt Otto Holtermann created a series of glassplate photographic negatives.

Holtermann, who made his fortune in the goldfields around Hill End, was best known as being co-owner of the 'world's largest gold "nugget"'.

How big??  286kg !!

Photo: State Library NSW

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Australia Day 2018

header logo inline2xAustralia Day is the official National Day of Australia and is celebrated on the 26 January annually and Sydney is where it all happened and the best place to be on the 26 January is on a yacht on Sydney Harbour. A yacht will allow you to truly experience the official festivities surrounding Sydney Cove  and Circular Quay

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Sydney to Hobart 2018

Sydney to HobartWhere will you find most Sydneysiders on Boxing Day??

Scattered around Sydney Harbour at every possible vantage point to see the start of the Annual Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race!

At 1pm on December 26, 2017 some 102 yachts departed the world famous Sydney Harbour for a race against time to Hobart, Tasmania. Their journey - south for some 628 nautical miles (1,163 kilometres).
Image Source: http://rynostv.com

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