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Yacht Share & The BEST Time Of The Year

Own your dream yacht today through Yacht Share. Maximise your time sailing on beautiful Sydney Harbour while minimising the costs of ownership. Our yacht share fleet is growing, with a brand new Elan Impression 40.1 entering the fleet, with all shares being sold before the yacht even landed on Australian shores. Dont miss out on the next opportunity to be a proud 10%, 20% or 30% owner of our upcoming syndicate opportunities, commencing later in 2021 -   https://www.yachtsharesydney.com.au/

Autumn - not really a season that one usually considers appropriate for chartering yachts, but what a myth that is! The erratic Summer systems dissipate, and consistent blue skies hover over Sydney. Fresh NE winds bring warm air from up North, and the water tempertaure remains warm and enjoyable due to the trusty East Australia Current. We have flexible availability and the next few months are PERFECT for Yacht Training, Private Charters or our Romantic Overnight B&B's. Call us now on 9280 1110 or book online and arrange your unique experience on stunning Sydney Harbour. 




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