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Learn to Sail with Sydney By Sail's Sailing School

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

To young men and women contemplating a voyage, I would say, “Go!”
Joshua Slocum

“Adventure before dementia” Matt Hayes

Learn to Sail with Sydney By Sail’s Sailing School

Sydney By Sail was established in 1995 by Olympic yachtsman Matt Hayes as a Sailing School. The sea is in our veins. 

About Sydney By Sail’s Sailing School

Sydney By Sail has the newest fleet of luxury yachts in Sydney Harbour.  Our sailing school is based in Darling Harbour near the heart of the Sydney CBD, which is easily accessible by various modes of transport including discounted parking a short walk away. We have a fleet of different yacht brands ranging from 31 – 45 ft including Hunter, Elan and Dufour. At Sydney By Sail we place critical importance on showing you different styles, shapes and sizes of yachts, so when you sail off into the horizon on your own yacht you are prepared. Find out more about our Yachts on our Meet The Fleet page.

Our 27+ years of experience in sharing our love of sailing with tens of thousands of people has created some of the most professional and highly qualified instructors in town – we have the best job in the world and we cannot wait to share our love of the sea with you.

About International Yacht Training

Sydney By Sail is accredited by the most widely recognised Sail Training provider in the world. IYT Worldwide stands for International Yacht Training and no other organisation offers such a diverse range if nautical training. IYT Worldwide was started in 2002 to standardise yacht training across the globe and offers an entire range of recreational courses from entry level sailing up to International Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore. There are no better sail training providers to get certified with, offering you more places & more opportunities to explore our beautiful oceans.  

Our Sailing Courses in Sydney Harbour

We can provide specialised Sail Training plans for those with some experience already, but assuming you wish to go from zero to hero, the best place to start is the Introduction to Yachting. This 2 day course runs from 10am – 4pm and provides a wide range of fundamental teachings to give you a base understanding of what it takes to be a sailor. We run this sailing course as often as possible, keeping small class sizes and frequency of dates at the top of our priority list.

Upon completion of the Introduction to Yachting, you will have a good idea if you want to continue with one of our Sail training packages, either the Crew or Skipper Package. 

  • The International Crew Package is great for bareboat charters domestically in SHELTERED WATERS (Whitsundays/Sydney Harbour) or simply looking to crew onboard racing yachts.
  • The International Skipper Package is great for those with bareboat charter aspirations further afield (Mediterranean, Caribbean or America) in COASTAL WATERS. It is also a validation of skill for yacht owners for insurance purposes. 
Learn to sail with our certified instructors from Sydney By Sail



Our fully licensed sailing instructors are highly experienced yachtsmen. Many have done the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, various long distance ocean crossings and international sailing events. Our instructors hail from all around the world – with many saying Sydney Harbour is the most stunning waterway in the world to enjoy Sail Training. 


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