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International Bareboat Skipper Course

Be your own skipper, feel competent, confident and earn international recognised accreditation

The International Bareboat Skipper Course has two components – Theory and Practical.

  • The Theory course runs over a full day
  • The Practical Course runs over three days – from 9am Friday to 5pm Sunday during which time students live on board.

It is not for beginners and it’s recommended to have logged over 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea before advancing to this level. Please note that the VHF Maritime Radio Operator’s certificate (or equivalent from another sail training authority) is a pre-requisite to this course and is required prior to receiving the International Bareboat skipper certificate.

The recommended minimum age to obtain this certification is 18.

This is a certificate of excellence for those who wish to take command of their own yachts confidently and safely or for those who wish to safely charter a small live aboard yacht for their family holiday.

Those who have obtained the International Bareboat Skipper qualification may be eligible to apply for the “International Certificate of Competency” (ICC), provided the student meets the requirements.

Course Outline & Important Information

  • There is a whole theory day (9am – 5pm) to prepare you for the exam.

    • Responsibilities of a bareboat skipper
    • Crew safety checks
    • Hull and rig checks
    • Machinery and systems checks
    • Fuel and water capacity and range
    • Menus and quantities
    • Float plan
    • Sources of meteorological information
    • Weather patterns
    • Sea and land breezes
    • Cloud types and formations
    • Pilotage and passage planning
    • Considerations when planning a passage
    • Routine for navigating a coastal passage
    • Passage strategy
    • Port regulations, customs, immigration
    • Pilotage plan
    • Coastal first aid theory 
  • This course includes a 3 Day Practical liveaboard. From 9am Day 1 to 5pm Day 3

    • Vessel handling in confined quarters
    • Mooring, anchoring, coming alongside
    • Ropes, knots, care and use of lines
    • General deck work
    • Tides and currents theory
    • Rigging jack-stays & usage of life raft
    • Tidal heights, springs and neaps
    • Rule of “twelfths”
    • Position fixing and 3 point fixes
    • Weather systems & local weather impacts
    • Clouds, precipitation & fog
    • Collision regulations
    • Lights, shapes and sounds
    • Application of the regulations
    • Health & safety modules
  • This course costs $1600 per person

    • All safety gear
    • Fuel
    • Food, water, accommodation (included in the 3 days live aboard)
    • Course notes
    • Instruction aboard a luxury Dufour 412 yacht
    • International Bareboat Skipper Certification (upon successful completion of all modules)
    • Complimentary online learning resource
  • It is important to be prepared for a 3 Day Liveaboard 

    • Sun safety gear
    • Warm jacket/jumper 
    • Wet weather gear 
    • Water Bottle
    • Notepad and pen
    • Non marking shoes (avoid black soled shoes) 
    • Toiletries
    • Swimmers/towel
    • Any personal medication required over the 3 day liveaboard 
    • Sleeping Bag
  • This course includes a practical and theory examination. Be prepared, study the notes prior to undertaking the course and stay cool, calm & collected on the helm.


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