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International Crew Course

The International Crew Course gives a basic understanding of the knowledge that is required to be an active crew member onboard a yacht. The level of instruction in the International Crew Course is more advanced than that of the Introduction to Yachting course, paying greater attention to technique and the mechanics of boat speed. Passing the practical and theory exam on this course will earn you the International Crew Certificate. 

The International Crew Certificate allows you to:

  • crew on a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres
  • in coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore
  • in daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

It is the level of competence that someone needs either when acting as watchkeeping crew on a yacht and as a skipper of a small yacht in protected waters where help is immediately available in calm conditions.

The course runs over 2 days from 9am – 530pm.

Course Outline & Important Information

  • There is around 90 minutes of theory each day, and a short theory exam to complete.

    • Nautical terminology
    • Safety briefing
    • Passage planning
    • Rope work
    • Basic rules of the road
    • Introduction to weather
    • Vessel equipment and instruments
    • Engine checks and maintenance
  • There is around 7 hours of practical on-water action each day and a practical assessment to complete.

    • Basic sail handling
    • Basic handling under power
    • Man overboard procedures
    • Deck seamanship
    • Sailing vessels handling skills
    • Sailing vessels under power
    • Power vessel handling skills
    • Dingy handling under power
  • This course costs $875 per person and  includes:

    • Enjoy 14 hours of practical on-water, hands-on instruction aboard a Sydney By Sail yacht.
    • Learn all the theory required to pass the exam in 3 hours of onboard theory work. 
    • To receive the IYT International Crew Certificate, you must complete ALL parts of the IYT syllabus including Intro to Yachting (module 1 of the International Crew course) and the Night Sail.
    • If you would like to receive the International Crew Certificate, and you are starting as a beginner, consider our International Crew Package, specifically designed to meet the requirements for certification.
  • It is important to be prepared for a day of yachting on Sydney Harbour. It is wise to bring the following: 

    • Sun safety gear
    • Warm jacket/jumper 
    • Wet weather gear (if required)
    • Water Bottle
    • Lunch (or be prepared to visit one of the eateries nearby)
    • Notepad and pen
    • Non marking shoes (avoid black soled shoes) 
    • A sense of fun and adventure 
  • This course is a part of both of our Sail Training packages. Why not consider one of the packages to enjoy economical and operational advantages? We have two packages you could consider:

    • International Crew Package which prepares you for bareboat chartering domestically in sheltered waters, such as the Whitsundays or Sydney harbour
    • International Skipper Package: providing internationally recognised certification allowing you to bareboat charter yachts anywhere in the world, such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean. 
  • Passing all modules in this course (including the Introduction to Yachting and Night Sail) will allow you to earn the International Crew Certificate. 

    This certificated is accredited through IYT and is recognised internationally, allowing you to step onboard sailing yachts as crew or even skipper in sheltered locations. 


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