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VHF Radio Operator Certificate

The VHF Radio Operator Certificate is a necessary course for anyone who is likely to be using a radio on board a yacht, or anyone undertaking a voyage on open sea.

A full day course from 9am – 5pm.

There is some required pre-course study to undertake prior to this course, such as knowing the phonetic alphabet and the different emergency calls (Mayday, Pan Pan, Securitas). 

This course (or equivalent) is a pre-requisite for the International Bareboat Skipper course.

Course Outline & Important Information

  • This course is mainly a theory course

    • Introduction
    • Basic Radio Theory
    • Subsidiary Equipment
    • Common Radio Terms
    • Regulations/Licensing Requirements
    • VHF Radio Equipment
    • Radio Procedures
    • Emergency Radio Communications
    • EPIRB and SART
    • Exam

    There is an exam that you will be required to pass in order to earn the certificate

  • There is a practical assessment on this course, in which you will action a VHF radio call in a practice scenario. You need to pass the practical assessment to earn the certification. 

  • This course costs $495 per person and  includes:

    • 8 Hour theory day onboard a Sydney By Sail yacht or classroom
    • All necessary equipment to undertake the course 
    • If you pass the practical and theory assessments, you will earn the VHF Radio Operator Certificate
  • It is important to be prepared for a day of study. It is wise to bring the following: 

    • Sun safety gear
    • Warm jacket/jumper 
    • Water Bottle
    • Lunch (or be prepared to visit one of the eateries nearby)
    • Notepad and pen
    • Non marking shoes (avoid black soled shoes) 
    • Ensuring you have done the pre-requisite study for the course
  • This course is a necessary component of the International Skipper Course. This course is also a part of the International Skipper Package, so why not consider this package to enjoy some economic and operational advantages?


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