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Sailing Team Building – Corporate Yacht Events and Group Activities in Sydney

Arrange a unique and exciting Team Building event sailing luxury yachts on Sydney Harbour

TEAM BUILDING events are a great way to inspire team cohesion and facilitate stronger workplace relationships. Our team building activities involve face to face time sailing luxury yachts in the open air of stunning Sydney Harbour, making them fun, safe and exciting

OUR REGATTA’S are available in several formats, and we can always customise one of our formats to suit your unique workplace. We have catered for groups between 14 and 400 people!

TEAM WORK  is critical when racing a sailing yacht. Teams quickly learn the importance of Team Work and Communication, with our Skippers onboard to encourage everyone’s participation. There is great camaraderie on board each yacht, with every crew member pulling their weight. Some of our formats involve deciphering clues and general knowledge, meaning not all participants need to be involved physically. 

SAFETY FIRST! all of our Team Building Events conduct a safety briefing followed by crew role allocation and team practice. 

  • Bronze Regatta

    Race around Sydney Harbour’s most famous landmarks on a luxury yacht

    Race around Places of Interest in Sydney Harbour. This format is simple but effective – involving 1 or 2 races over 3 or 4 hour formats. The Bronze Regatta is great for an icebreaker for a new team or individual clients to get to know each other.

    This event is quite streamlined, with limited time to facilitate stopping at anchor to enjoy catering and beverages onboard. It is still possible to enjoy catering and beverages on this format, it will just be while you are racing a luxury yacht on Sydney Harbour! 

  • Silver Regatta

    Multiple races in a 4 hour format for plenty of on-water action

    The Silver Regatta is a hands-on format involving 2-4 short races with on water race management administered by a committee boat. 

    This format is best for improving group culture and developing leadership and communication skills. If your team knows their way around a yacht, this event is for you!

  • Regatta & Relax

    Get the best of both worlds, with an exciting Team Building regatta followed by some chill time at anchor in a sheltered bay.

    This package is our most authentic Sydney harbour experience, offering 5 or 6 hour packages that allow teams to enjoy the excitement of a sailing race followed by some chill time at anchor to enjoy some gourmet catering & beverages and even a swim! 

    This format is best for those wishing to combine excitement and R&R in the one package, all onboard a luxury yacht in Sydney Harbour. This package is the ‘Skippers choice’.

  • Point to Point Regatta

    Combines the excitement of a yacht race with the element of deciphering orienteering style clues that determine the race course.

    The Point to Point Regatta combines a yacht race with the addition of having to decipher orienteering style clues using local knowledge or navigational charts to find the next point in the race. 

    This format is best for developing cohesiveness as the group learns the importance of team work and communication. They will have to think and act fast under race conditions, activating participants physically and mentally. 

  • Treasure Hunt

    Find the treasure hidden somewhere in Sydney Harbour!

    This is our package designed with fun as the main priority. Teams race their sailing yachts around Sydney harbour, answering questions and clues in order to find the area in which the treasure is buried in this 4 hour package. 

    The challenging and mind-teasing clues mixed with the adventure of sailing and navigating, all have to be mastered in a race for buried treasure!

    This format is best for the group looking for a bit of fun out on the Harbour. 


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