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Romantic Getaways – Sail Sydney, Dinner and B&B on a Luxury Yacht


A unique and unforgettable package designed to celebrate romance – stay on a luxury yacht for a night with your loved one!

Our Romantic B&B Packages will certainly impress your loved one – enjoy a sightseeing cruise with a private skipper guiding you about Sydney Harbour, followed by an overnight stay unaccompanied onboard a luxury yacht, with gourmet catering for all meals included. No previous yachting experience necessary. 

Do something extra special for your loved one – experience the lifestyle and leisure of living onboard a luxury yacht on Sydney Harbour. 


From Fri, 24 May 2024 – Sat, 15 June 2024

VIVID Sydney is a celebration of innovation, creativity and technology – transforming Sydney for 23 days and nights. In 2024, for its 14th year, Vivid Sydney will fuse art, innovation and technology in collaboration with some of the most boundary-pushing artists, musicians, thinkers and culinary experts of our time.

VIVID is a spectacular event to view from the water, as you soak up the stunning views of our Harbour city lit to life. During the festival of light, our Romantic B&B Packages enable front row seats to the show – BOOK NOW to secure your date & enjoy a VIVID Romantic B&B on a Luxury Yacht. 

Gold B&B

$1395 per Couple

Yacht: Hunter 36 – homely and comfortable, this American designed yacht is pretty much a floating hotel room. Enjoy all the comforts of a cosy American homestead, but with stunning waterfront views of Sydney Harbour. 

Sail Duration: 2 Hours – Enjoy a short sightseeing sail around the postcard areas of the Harbour. Sail under the Harbour Bridge, under the Opera House and around Shark Island before heading to your sheltered bay for the night. 

Total Time Onboard: 16 Hours

Platinum B&B

$1595 Per Couple

Yacht: Dufour 382 – sleek, stylish and modern, this French yacht has a Mediterranean aesthetic. Enjoy French flair (and maybe French champagne) on this immaculately appointed vessel. 

Sail Duration: 3 Hours – Get a real good taste of Sydney Harbour, as you sail past the big POI’s (Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House), around Bradley’s head and towards the more exotic Chowder Bay & Watsons Bay. Take a glimpse outside the Heads at the open ocean before cruising to your sheltered bay for the night. 

Total Time Onboard: 17.5 Hours

Diamond B&B

$2550 Per Couple

Yacht: Dufour 412 – exquisite, innovative and luxurious, the Dufour 412 embraces the lifestyle and leisure of royalty afloat on Sydney Harbour. Enjoy 24 HRS of French Elegance onboard the Diamond B&B package. 

Sail Duration: 6 Hours – get a full day of exploring Sydney Harbour. Sail past the big POI’s (Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House), around Bradleys Head, past the entrance to Sydney Harbour to the promised land – Manly Bay. Settle up in Quarantine Cove for lunch and a swim, or explore the secret coves and bays of Middle Harbour. What can you do in 6 Hours? Well, everything! 

Total Time Onboard: 24 Hours


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