Diamond B&B

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Our Diamond B&B package includes a delicious choice of Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast options - please select from the 'Included Catering' ' section below. If you have a good appetite, you are more than welcome to choose more food from the Yacht Caterer range (extra charges incurred)


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Included in the price of your Diamond B&B trip, is the following catering:
Lunch: 1 x Grazing Platter & 2 x Lunch Boxes
Dinner: EITHER Ready to Eat OR Hot Food Options
Breakfast: 2 x Breakfast Boxes (minimum order for Hot Brekkie is 2)
Drinks: Coffee Plunger, Tea, Milk, Water.

NOTE: You can skip this section to reserve your yacht and skipper for now, then order Included Catering via phone or email with 7+ days notice.
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