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Sydney Harbour Attractions FAQs

Are there any dangers to watch out for on the Harbour?

There are minimal dangers on Sydney Harbour. It is a naturally deep water port.

There is one reef towards the Sydney Heads called ‘Sow & Pigs’ but it is well marked with four cardinal marks. Simply steer well clear.

As for depth, the Harbour is a flooded valley with quite steep sides giving good clearance.

You need to keep a look out for ferries, they have priority. The circular Quay area is always busy, you need to pass it.

Can you help us with a suggested itinerary?

Absolutely! We will provide you with up to date weather forecasts, suggestions on where to go and drop anchor.

Provide a 24hr assistance contact and facilitate re-fuel and water stops.

Where is a good spot to drop anchor?

Sydney Harbour has many good anchorages, some of which can be quiet secluded and away from the crowds.

Suitable anchorages are detailed in the operation manual on board each yacht. In general, when the wind blows from the north the best anchorages include: Athol Bay, next to Taronga Zoo, Store Beach & Quarantine Beach near North Head, Camp Cove, Castle Rock Beach and Bantry Bay in Middle Harbour. When the wind blows from the south: Balls Head Bay.


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