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Yacht Charter FAQs

Are there any dangers to watch out for on the Harbour?

There are minimal dangers on Sydney Harbour. It is a naturally deep water port.

There is one reef towards the Sydney Heads called ‘Sow & Pigs’ but it is well marked with four cardinal marks.

Simply steer well clear.

As for depth, the Harbour is a flooded valley with quite steep sides giving good clearance.

Can you help us with a suggested itinerary?

Absolutely! We will provide you with up to date weather forecasts, suggestions on where to go and drop anchor.

Provide a 24hr assistance contact and facilitate re-fuel and water stops.

Yes, plenty. However, it will require that you drop anchor and either row ashore or take a water taxi. The best selection can be found at Cockle Bay Marina. Also try The Spit at Middle Harbour with restaurants such as Skiffies, Orso, Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Woolloomoolloo Bay, Watsons Bay and Manly.

Sydney Harbour has many good anchorages, some of which can be quiet secluded and away from the crowds.

Suitable anchorages are detailed in the operation manual on board each yacht.

In general, when the wind blows from the north the best anchorages include: Athol Bay, next to Taronga Zoo, Store Beach & Quarantine Beach near North Head, Camp Cove, Castle Rock Beach and Bantry Bay in Middle Harbour.

When the wind blows from the south: Balls Head Bay, Snail’s Bay and Edwards Beach in Middle Harbour

How do I pay for the security bond?

This is generally by an authorisation on a credit card or can be with cash.

Sorry, Cheques cannot be used for the bond.

When do I get my security bond back?

The yacht is inspected for loss, theft or damage after its return. However this may not be till the next day.

After the authorisation is cancelled the funds will be freed on your credit card.

This can take up to 5 working days after the charter and is the responsibility of your bank.

What does the security bond cover?

Any loss, theft or damage to the yacht.

This also includes a cleaning fee if the yacht has a dirty cockpit and /or cabin which is substantially more dirty than at the start of the charter.

A late fee of $100 per hour, or part thereof, may also apply to yachts returning more than 30 minutes late.

Can I go along side public wharfs?

We do not allow our bareboat charter yachts to go alongside any public wharves.

This is due to the increased risk of damage to the rails and topsides of the yacht..

You are welcome to come alongside the following Yacht friendly wharves: our Festival Pontoon, Cockle Bay Marina and the Dalbora Marinas at Rushcutters Bay or the The Spit Mosman.

Map available here

What does the term ‘Bareboat’ mean?

It means the boat is without skipper

How long will the briefing take?

Normally between 10 to 20 minutes

What is covered in the Bareboat briefing?

Locations of safety equipment, breaker switches, use of onboard systems, engine operation, use of electric anchor winch and helpful hints on sail trim and anchorages.

Each yacht comes with a comprehensive operation manual.

What facilities are on board?

All our yachts come complete with a full galley/kitchen inventory: fridge, stove, oven, sun awning, music player, some boats have TV, bedding.

For overnight we provide linen, doonas, blankets, towels.

All Boats have toilets, indoor shower and deck shower, safety equipment, first aid kit, phone charger plugs ( USB), indoor and outdoor lights

A dinghy can also be supplied at no extra charge.

How old are your yachts?

We have the newest fleet of yachts in Sydney Harbour. 

Can I charter a yacht and sail outside the Sydney Heads?

Our Charter yachts are not legally permitted to sail outside of the Sydney Heads.

Failure to remain inside the Harbour may result in loss of your security bond.

What are your requirements for bareboat chartering a yacht?

Previous charter experience, yacht ownership or Yachting Australia, Royal Yachting Association, American Sailing Association Competent Crew, ICC or similar or above qualification.

Evidence is generally not required, however you will be signing a contract and paying a security bond and any false information given may result in the loss of your bond.

Sydney Harbour knowledge is also required.


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