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Company Team Building Event – What do i wear?

Impression 45dRunning your next Team Building event aboard a luxury yacht on Sydney Harbour will be a memorable experience.

Sailing is a fabulous way to work on developing team player skills with your staff, it requires true spirit, concentration and trust in your fellow colleagues

To ensure you enjoy your trip on the Harbour it is worth considering what you and your colleagues should wear.

Soft soled non marking footwear is essential. 
Hard or high heels are potentially dangerous to wear on the smooth deck surfaces and also damage the luxury yachts. 
Barefoot is permissable, however there are many things to catch and stubb toes when moving around the deck, so we ask that those that go barefoot remain seated in the cockpit.  Suggetsed footwear includes, tennis shoes, deck shoes, non marking indoor shoes, well fitting sandals with soft soles and sailing boots.


Loose fitting comfortable clothes allowing ease of movement are the most suitable.  Bring a jacket that is either windproof or waterporoof is the weather looks inclement.  We recommend wearing layers of clothing that can be easily removed in warmer weather yet still at hand when the sun goes down or during the cooler months.  It is always cooler on the water, so be prepared is the best approach. 

Hat, Sunscreen and Water

Essential items to pack when planning your trip on the Harbour.  Water and sunscreen are also available at the check in counter at Sydney By Sail. 


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