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Corporate Team Building in Sydney

New Regatta 5Sydney Harbour offers a unique and unforgettable location for Corporate Team Building

Team Building Activities help to build morale and camaraderie amongst co-workers allowing them get to know one another better outside the office or other work environment

The Regatta and Treasure Hunt series are designed to encourage social interaction, they require co-workers to come together as a team to solve issues and compete together.

 The ideas is to encourage all staff members to get involved in order to walk away  with not just a better relationship with one another but also extra motivation to succeed in the workplace.

Sydney by Sail offers the following Corporate Team Building activities

  • Bronze Regatta: one race on Sydney Harbour including briefing by a Professional Skipper
  • Silver Regatta: multiple races on Sydney Harbour allowing teams to master their team effort!
  • Platinum Regatta: match racing on Sydney Harbour making staff realise they cant go solo!
  • Point to Point Regatta: deciphering a series of clues on Sydney Harbour
  • Treasure Hunt: mind-teasing clues mixed with the adventure of sailing and navigating!

Other than the Team Building Event itself, Sydney by Sail will take care of your Catering and Drink needs

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