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How to Build Team Cohesiveness

Strong cohesiveness in a team leads to more productivity and a happier place to work. This is because employees feel they belong and have a voice in decisions that affect them personally.

The term “team cohesiveness” describes how well a group of people are able to cooperate to accomplish a shared goal. The best method to increase employee satisfaction and engagement as well as make the most of everyone’s unique skills is to foster a culture of unity. In order to succeed as a team, it’s crucial to pay attention to both the objectives the group has set for itself and the interpersonal dynamics within the group.

A successful team requires a high level of mutual respect and understanding; these can be fostered through team-building activities. You’ll see improved teamwork as employees socialise and learn more about one another outside of the office. Team-building exercises not only help individuals feel better about themselves and the team as a whole, but they also inspire team members to form close friendships with one another.

Building Team Cohesiveness through Fun Group Activities 

Team building exercises are a tried and true method of joining forces of individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities into a cohesive whole for the purpose of completing a single mission or series of tasks to everyone’s satisfaction.

Games and activities designed to foster team spirit in the workplace can range from high-energy events staged in the great outdoors to more quiet affairs that take place indoors. Some examples of the best team-building activities include: 

Trivia Night in the Office

One of the most enjoyable activities that can be held inside a group is a trivia night. A round of office trivia is a fun way to see how well your staff knows the company. There will be a focus on the candidate’s knowledge of the company’s background and random facts. A prize will be awarded to the worker who has the highest number of questions answered properly. Put up a strange prize if you want to add some humor to the game.

The Classic Board Games

When looking for fun ways to foster teamwork and creativity, board games are a surefire hit. Playing these games can help you sharpen your mind’s ability to reason, as well as your capacity for resource management and other cognitive abilities. The fact that it is portable and does not break the bank is one of the board’s many selling points. Among these are games like Monopoly, Codenames, or Twister. 

The Ultimate Outdoor Activity: Sailing! 

Yes, you read it right. Team building activities don’t get much better than corporate sailing. When you sign up for your company for a sailing package that involves some fun games, as in the workplace, there are always new challenges and ‘unknowns’ thrown at the crew, and they must learn to work together to overcome them. That is to say, it provides a dynamic and challenging natural environment in which the crew’s cooperation and team spirit are essential to success.

Exciting team-building experience on Sydney’s beautiful harbour! 

Team building events are a great way to inspire team cohesion and facilitate stronger workplace relationships. And Sydney by Sail’s team-building events involve face to face time sailing luxury yachts in the open air of stunning Sydney Harbour, making them fun, safe and exciting. 

When racing a sailing yacht, teamwork is of the utmost importance. Our Skippers actively encourage teamwork and open communication while at sea, so teams rapidly learn the value of both. Everyone on board each yacht gets along nicely and does their share to keep things running smoothly.

Some of our formats involve deciphering clues and general knowledge, meaning not all participants need to be involved physically. It’s important to get everyone in the team involved in the planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict-management processes so that you can see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how they work best together. It will pave the way for a trusting and more solid team relationship in an adventurous setting.

We’ll split you up into teams and give you a quick safety training before assigning you to your respective crews and having you practice working together. When the races begin, the crew quickly discovers the value of effective communication and working together. Our qualified skippers encourage everyone’s participation and provide positive feedback.

Sydney by Sail offers 5 corporate yacht packages as follows:


  • Bronze Regatta (3 hr – $200pp / 4 hr – $210pp). The Bronze Regatta consists of a single race or two races spread out over a three- or four-hour period. This event takes place in Sydney Harbour and consists of teams racing a luxury sailing yacht around various points of interest. This package requires a minimum of 14 people. 
  • Silver Regatta (4hr – $230pp). The Silver Regatta gives you multiple races, with hours of on-water action. The regattas are fun, safe and exciting. If your team has some experience with sailing and are looking for a more hands-on yacht racing experience – then you should definitely sign up for this super thrilling package!
  • Regatta and Relax (5 hr – $245pp / 6 hr – $255pp). This package combines the team building hands-on thrill of a 3 hour regatta followed by some chilled time at anchor for 2 or 3 hours of rest & relaxation. During the R&R, you and your team can relax in the sun onboard our luxury yachts or swim to one of the numerous stunning Harbour beaches. Every yacht has a cockpit shower so you can get clean after swimming in Sydney Harbour. It’s the best of both worlds, giving your staff a real taste of Sydney’s harbor while also satisfying their thirst for adventure! 
  • Point to Point Regatta (4 hr – $230pp). The Point to Point Regatta is a fantastic way to experience the adrenaline of a yacht race while also testing your decoding skills. Follow the hints to the next checkpoint in the race! Participants will use their orienteering abilities as they make their way around Sydney Harbour.
  • Treasure Hunt (4 hr – $240pp). Sailing and navigation will be heavily involved in this complex and mind-teasing package as you search for the lost treasure buried in the Harbour. We can also customise the mentally challenging components to include a Company Quiz. This format ends with the winning team going ashore to find the buried treasure. 

We also have you covered with our team-building package comparison. All of our packages include Gourmet Food Catering and a wide range of Beverages – please see the complete menu here. Pick Ups and Drop offs available at several convenient points around the Harbour. 

You’ll have to put in a lot of work to establish a solid crew, but spicing things up with some sailing and other team-building exercises can make the process go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or read what our happy customers say about our excellent services! 

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