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International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

The International Certificate of Competency is now required for operators of most vessels on both inland and coastal waters in a large part of the sailing community. You must have completed at least the VHF Marine Radio Operator's certificate AND the International Skipper Course or equivalent of both to be eligible to gain the ICC. 


  • Introduction
  • Preparation for Sea - Safety briefing including use of all safety equipment
  • Pre-start engine checks
  • Pre-start weather checks
  • Start engine and check cooling
  • Check fuelling requirements and range

ICC Test

  • Each candidate executes a short pre-planned passage as skipper/captain
  • Testing of the following is required: - Alongside skills, departure/arrival at pontoon/dock
  • Man overboard recovery
  • Securing to a buoy
  • 360 degree turns
  • 3 point turn
  • Navigation skills
  • Handling under power
  • Handling under sail

Theory Test - Regulations - Required for all candidates

  • Regulations and pilotage - Required for coastal
  • Navigation - Required for coastal

CEVNI Test - For inland waters only

  • Submit a Menu and Victualling List
COST: $600 (includes ICC licence)
  • The course is run over a day from 9am to 5pm
  • Past students gain a 20% discount

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