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Yacht Share

What is Yacht Share??

Yacht Syndication or Yacht Share is an exciting way to enjoy all the benefits of owning a brand new yacht, less the hassle and expense.

Time & Money: If you lack the time to justify owning your own yacht or just don’t want to make the investment, Yacht Syndication could be the solution for you.

Part-Ownership: As a part-owner, you only purchase a percentage of the yacht which can be as little as 10%.

Share Expenses: Once part-owners, you are only required to pay ongoing Monthly fees that represent your share, substantially reducing the cost compared to a 100% ownership.
These Fees include: Insurance, RMS Registration, Marina Fees, Engine Service,  Refuelling, Emptying Holding Tank, Amenities, Assistance with Yacht berthing, Unlimited Use of Dinghies.

Management: Our sister company Sydney By Sail manages the yacht from our base at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Maintenance: Your yacht is meticulously maintained by Sydney By Sail professional staff.

Fully Equipped: Our Syndicate fleet yachts come with safety equipment & fully-equipped galley with plates, cutlery, pots, pans and kettle

Online 24/7 Bookings: Just book your days via our secure online booking system and enjoy sailing on Sydney Harbour with family and friends.

The principle is simple: You buy a share in a beautiful new yacht and then enjoy fully serviced, walk-on, walk-off sailing.

Trustworthy: Performance Cruising Yachts in conjunction with Sydney By Sail have been offering our very popular and successful yacht share program since 2005

Dedicated Yacht Share Website

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To enjoy the benefits of a syndicated yacht share,
visit our dedicated website &/or speak to one of our qualified staff.

Sydney by Sail Yacht Share

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